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    Crypto Server functionality




      From all the documents I've read about the crypto functionality on the PSoC 6 alludes to the crypto server exclusively running on the secure M0+ core. But as I've began working with the crypto I've noticed I can start the server on the both the M4 and M0+, and when started from the M4 it seems the server processing happens on the M4 as well. Am I missing something or is there something happening "under the covers" that it is actually happening from the M0+ core? No problems necessarily, just hoping to get a better understanding.




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          From the PDL:


          Firmware initializes and starts the Crypto server. The server can run on either core and works with the Crypto hardware. The Crypto server is implemented as a secure block. It performs all cryptographic operations for the client. Access to the server is through the Inter Process Communication (IPC) driver. Direct access is not allowed.



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