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    【CYBT-343026-01】About the certification IDs of regulations


      Hi everyone


      The customer wants to confirm the following items about the certification fee.


      1. They checked the information related to the standard certification,


      Are there any plans to increase the number of certified areas / countries in the future?

      They are especially concerned about Taiwan.


      2. The following standards, which are European standards, are scheduled to be updated.

      ①Acquired EN300328 V2.1.1 (Expiration date 2021/8/6) → Standard update EN300328 V2.2.2

      ② Acquired EN55022 → Latest standard EN55032

      ③ Acquired EN55024 → Latest standard EN55035

      ④Acquired EN60950-1 → Latest standard EN62368-1


      Is there a plan to update this module?

      If yes, please tell us the schedule in that case.

      Are the reports from ② to ④ disclosed?




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