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    DHCP server code in modustoolbox




      We are running amazon FreeRTOS with CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT development kit on modus ide. We need to configure device to softap mode.

      We have used WIFI_ConfigureAP and WIFI_StartAP function to let device in ap mode and we can scan and connect by other devices such as NB and cell phone. The next step is we need to create DHCP sever, but we can't find the DHCP sever related code in modus. If we move DHCP server source from WICED will have a lot of compile errors. Please help if DHCP can implement in modus.




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          Porting the WICED DHCP server code will not be straightforward since that is tightly coupled with the hooks of WICED SDK.


          I had earlier tried to clean up the DHCP Server code but did not really test it out. Nevertheless, I am attaching the same here for you to check with your application. You can just add this .c, .h files inside your application code folder and call start_dhcp_server from your main app. Let me know how this goes.


          Disclaimer: This code snippet has not been tested or gone through standard Cypress review procedure.