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    CY8C Series 开机检测问题 How to detect touching activity when start the device (PSOC/PSOC4)


      We use CY8C4045 for touch detection and found a issue. When you touch the sensing area and then turn on the device, it will not detect until you move away and touch again. Please anyone help us with this issue.

      One of the initial solutions is at the beginning of the device start, set the sensitivity extremely high to detect the slight difference while touching. Change the touching status positive and then after short amount of time change the sensitivity back to normal.

      I would like to know since this is a very common issue if anyone have the mature solution for this?

      我们使用CY8C4045进行触摸检测,发现了一个问题。 当触摸感应区域然后打开设备电源时,只有移开并再次触摸它才能检测到。 如果有解决方案请提供帮助。

      我们初步的解决方案之一是在设备启动之初,将灵敏度设置为极高,以检测触摸时的细微差异。 将状态改为触摸状态,然后在短时间后将灵敏度恢复为正常。



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