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    Does FX3 SDK enable Super-Speed?




      I am trying to use FX3 SDK to enable Super Speed mode of OV5640 YUV Preview running.

      It seems configure CX3 to Super Speed mode in App Init method. But CX3 becomes full speed. hence only VGA is available in my custom CX3 board.


      I supposed my PCB has some layout design issue regarding USB 3.1 super speed enabled.

      How about CX3 Demokit? No issue from Super-speed enabling ?



      Best Regards,

      JK Cha

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          Hello JK Cha,


          The CX3 Denebola RDK enumerates as a USB 3.1 Super Speed device and we can stream 720p, 1080p and 5M video resolutions as mentioned in the Cx3UvcOV5640 default firmware provided with the SDK.


          And since your custom CX3 board enumerates as a full speed device and you are only able to stream VGA, there might be issues with either your schematics or layout of the board.


          Please share your schematics and layout with me so that i can review them.