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    Regarding "CYBT-413034-EVAL EZ-BT™ Module Arduino Evaluation Board"


      If I open the evaluation board schematics present in "https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cybt-413034-eval-ez-bt-module-arduino-evaluation-board", the value of R1 and C10 is 100K and 0.22 uF.


      I had a doubt that as per CYBT-413034-02 datasheet, it is required that

      "During power on operation, the XRES connection to the CYBT-4130xx-02 is required to be held low 50 ms after the VDD power supply input to the module is stable".


      My question to you is how 100K and 0.22 uF meet this requirement, since the value of tau = 100K x 0.22 u = 22 ms, and VIH is 2.4V (for VDD = 3 V)


      capacitor voltage


      In the evaluation board, VDD is 3.3 V and time taken to reach 2.4 V is 28 msec (It was derived by substituting VS = 3.3 V and VC = 2.4 V, in the above equation).



      Please clarify.


      Thanks in advance for responding.