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    In 2020, what are the most common approaches to power-line-communications  for hobbyists?


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      I'm looking for modern control protocols, designs and/or components to simplify controlling (and running) a very low power system on a chip safely from mains power.  I'm in the USA, and on a hobby budget. Consumer trends here are of interest, but so is the National Electric Code.   Surely the world has come a long way since X10.  


      Has Bluetooth LE (BLE) made the older power-line communications standards old-hat?  Are there ways of coupling BLE into the power-line that are considered good practices?




      The Cypress Semiconductor [PSOC 5LP][1] illustrates the *class* of SOC i'm looking to use as a building block. 


      I'm not tied the PSOC family, but I've found it to be very low-cost prototyping friendly.   This sort of device has some impressive programmable analog and digital blocks that might make sense to leverage to keep chip count to a minimum.    As I remember, Cypress had a PLC product line some years back, but it seems they are out-of-the-game.   None of Cypress's current applications notes seem to make recommendations.    


        [1]: https://www.cypress.com/products/32-bit-arm-cortex-m3-psoc-5lp