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    ACIM motor control for sliding door opener


      Hello  all,

      I would like to build a V/F ACIM motor control using Psoc4 .

      The application is a a complete electronic motor control for door-opener and sliding-gates

      The power of motors are: 250W and 500W sensor-less , three-pahse triangle , 230VAC.


      The characteristic for 250W are : 4pole motor,  winding res. 62 ohms , inductance 250mH,

      triangle connection, 230VAC. BkemF(Ke) 5.5V/1krpm, Moment torque costant 0.82Nm/A,

      total torque 2.38Nm/1400rpm , Max rpm 1800 , min rpm 300

      Is there anyone interested in collaborating?

      Has someone already created a similar application from whitch to develop ?



      Best Regards.

      Gian Mario Bozzalla