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    Can you use CCG6 to only deliver 20V?




      I'm working on an application where we control both the UFP and DFP devices. Ideally, we'd like to use the CCG6's power negotiation to verify that the UFP-side device is the module we designed (and not some other random device's USB-C port), and then connect the 20V supply to VBUS for 100W power delivery.


      Does the power subsystem need to start at 5V and step up to 20V after negotiation, or can we jump straight to providing 20V after we've confirmed that the UFP device is our own?


      I see that one function of pins 20 and 21 is "voltage selection control for VBUS." Is there a default way that the CCG6 uses the VSEL pins to indicate the negotiated voltage? Do we set that ourselves in the firmware?