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    LVDS to CSI Converter Chip


      Hi All,


      This is Madhusoodana Bairy from Mistral Solutions, Bangalore.

      We are in need of 4 Lane or 2 Lane LVDS to CSI Converter Chip.

      Whether the company supports this kind of chipset or any low end CPLDs/FPGAs which will do this job ?




      Best Regards,

      Madhusoodana Bairy

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          Hello Sir,


          We do not have LVDS to CSI Converter Chips in our portfolio. We are extremely sorry that we are unable to assist you for your current requirement.


          Do kindly consider our PSoC4 and PSoC6 MCUs for your current or future designs. You can always post your questions in this community, and we will be happy to answer you.


          Best regards,

          Sampath Selvaraj