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    External Pin Type for DAC output


      I'm trying to place/connect a VDAC block in Psoc 6. The output of the VDAC output is set to "unbuffered to pin". The pin is an analog pin.


      I have pretty much tried every combination of check box options on the VDAC and pin, but always get an "DAC output not connected" warning (see screen shot below).

      Can anybody please tell me the correct way to connect the output of the VDAC to an external pin?



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          Hi Edward,


          It is a "Note" and not a warning/error. You should be able to continue with your application if the functionality is unaffected. I tried similar setup at my end and could not recreate the issue. Could you try closing the project and re-opening it. Try a clean and build after that.


          At the end, if your load is significant, it is better to buffer the output.


          Best Regards,

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            Tried the usual clean-ups that you suggested. However, this popped up on a side project I was using to test the full placement of all components that would be used in the final code. When I went back to the prototype project I was working on using a CYBLE-416045 evaluation board the problem did not appear. I then wiped out the placement test project and started over from scratch. Again, the problem did not pop up.


            So for now at least, I am a happy camper. :-)