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    Bootloader and Bootloadable - Starting Questions


      Hi guys,

      i am new to firmware programming and had a good start, but now i have problems understanding how to make my project "OTA capable".


      My company wants to do firmware upgrades with BLE and we want to work with OTA External Memory.


      Now comes my understanding problem.I know that I need to divide my software into Bootloadable and Bootloader. But in the Bootloadable Project I have to include a .hex and .elf. So how is the separation between bootloader and bootloadable to be understood?


      Is there a Getting Started : Bootloader Programming 101 or something like that?

      I can't figure out how to build this tool and the Example Projects don't really help me either, because I want to build it into our current firmware.


      Maybe you have some information or other stuff that can help me.


      I hope it doesnt sound too dumb for you.


      Thanks in advance.