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    How to connect to Ethernet by PAN with bridge?



      I am using 20706evk with a yocto linux i.mx main board or anyother yocto linux main board. and try to PAN profile to connect to internet.

      it means DUT1(windows , BT, PANU) ---BT PAN(20706evk,NAP)---ethernet( bsa_server) and  can fetch internet


      now I tried to have a bridge steps with


      1.turn on bsa_server

      2.turn on app_managet

      3.turn on app_pan with tap0 interface up


      Setup bridge:

      # brctl addbr pan0

      # ifconfig pan0

      # brctl setfd pan0 0

      # brctl stp pan0 disable

      # brctl addif pan0 eth0


      5.set up tap0

      # brctl addif pan0 tap0

      #  ifconfig tap0

      but failed and cause linux eth0 down ,  is any comment?

      another question is that may we have some input when using app_pan, or is another way can open "PAN Enable" directly without full PAN main menu?