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    AUTO SIGNAL DMA for data inspection


      Can AUTO SIGNAL DMA be used for data inspection?


      In FX3 programming manual, it is said


      "Used if the application wants to track statistics about the data being forwarded"


      , but there is also comment


      "This is a produce event notification to the CPU. This notification is received upon reception of every buffer. The DMA transfer will not wait for the commit from CPU"


      It is possible the DMA buffer get overwritten by new data while CyFxBulkLpDmaCallback is still inspection the previous data.


      But if the inspected data is very few, this may be possible. The remaining problem is :


      What priority of thread is CyFxBulkLpDmaCallback executed? How to ensure it is executed on a thread with high priority? At least higher priority then other application tasks which may consume 100% CPU time.