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      Hi, I am trying to immigrate FPGA example from AN65974 to the the board selling on-line, I got strange problems.


      I made a few revisions shown bellow.

      1. GPIO assignment accord to my board connection from FPGA(A7 series) to USB3014.

      2.  I use almost the same code as the one in FPGA Source File for Xilinx. as you know I need to immigrate its IP to mine, I keep its mode to be Bulk Out for test.

      3.  for firmware, I do not revise.

      I got the following problems.

      1. Single transmission always OK for BULK OUT, for all images tried.

      2. After I send 2MB file, it depends, it somtimes failed returning 997 code, I found it has relation with specifi pattern of data sent, e.g. all zeros has less faults than 0-255-loop-data.

      what's more, WIN7 behave better than WIN10, and DEBUG version of firmware behave better than RELEASE.


      any adivces?