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    CX3 with OV9724 Raw8 as grayscale streaming


      I am trying to get mentioned setup (based on Denebola board with OV9724-EAAR board connected with twisted pairs) to work. I've changed VCCIO voltage on my board to 1.8V to directly interface I²C with sensor - and confirmed that it works (this would be also "production" voltage level). Sensor got its reference clock from free running 16MHz oscillator, XSHUT and PWNDB signals are hard wired to high level on sensor board.
      For prototyping process I want to use 720p@15fps, so I went for the following sensor setup:

      CSI Clock: 200MHz
      H-Active: 1280px
      H-Blanking: 296px
      V-Active: 720 lines
      V-blanking: 40 lines
      Frame Rate: 15.0
      Video support: true
      THS-Prepare: 70ns (as set in corresponding sensor register)
      THS-Zero: 150ns (also set in sensor)

      Then I created profile for CX3 MIPI interface:

      REFCLK: 19.2 MHz
      Pre Divider Value: 3
      PLL OutRange: 125-250M
      Multiplier: 125
      This gives: 200MHz PLL Out Clock
      Output parallel Clock Divider: 4
      CSI RX Clock Divider: 4
      Fifo Delay: 50 byte

      However, no image is being streamed.



      After investigation, code never calls CyCx3_ImageSensor_Wakeup() neither CyCx3_ImageSensor_Set_720p_30() routines.