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    *** Need Data on PSOC 6 Power Consumption in Various Modes ***


      I am trying to gauge the various amounts of current drawn in the PSOC under the various modes of operation. There is LP, ULP, Active, Sleep, Deep Sleep, Hibernate, and Stop modes. A lot to try and make a guess. However, for the PSOC 4, there is an app note that has some rough numbers for Active, Sleep, Deep Sleep, and Hibernate, Stop modes. That is what I am looking for?


      I have this app note, but it doesn't have any ball park numbers --




      Trying to come up with useful numbers based on the data sheet is useless it seems. I am looking for averages and ball parks based on average applications, something just like I was able to find for the PSOC 4. I can test the actual current, but I want to focus my energy on deciding to go with deep sleep or hibernate for example, and the least painful path, but I want data on modes and consumption, ranged data is fine, just something at a glance, I can make a call with.