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    Miniprog4 in CYKIT-005


      Hi all,


      A new miniprog4 bought for kit050 programming.

      Environment: PSOC programmer 3.27.1

      Miniprog4 10 pin SWD to CYKIT-050 10 pin SWD

      No external power supply for KIT050, miniprog4 supply for the kit.


      However, sonething might be wrong with miniprog4! See below, toggle power button grey and Voltage row grey too.


      Besides, I have another miniprog3 programmer, it can successfully download .hex file under the same situation(miniprog3 supply for KIT050).

      And I have also tried to program using PSOC CREATOR 4.2, 'port acquire' failed.


      Thanks if anyone have the same experience and share with me.