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    SPI, UART and timing




      I have a BCM20736S custom board and a second UART custom board.

      My BCM20736S board needs to always send and receive periodic data from the UART board.

      Every 40ms data is sent from the BCM20736S board to the UART board and received from it (packet length is between 14 and 140). The UART communication needs to be ALWAYS active.

      The BCM20736S custom board has a SPI flash containing saved data.


      With a smartphone:

      The user can ask for data stored in the UART board. In this case, the BCM20736S board received a BLE command and ask the UART board (UART command). When the UART board responds, the BLCM20736 board sends data to the smartphone.

      The user can also ask for data in SPI flash, in this case, the custom BCM20736 board gets data from the SPI and sends them to the smartphone.


      Do you think the BCM20736 can support these timing constraints?


      I have no access to DMA SPI commands so I have a doubt for the periodic sending of the UART data during a SPI read.



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          Hi Juar_2150386 ,


          This should be possible. However please note the below point:

          - Its not a good idea to connect external SPI-flash with 20736S module. 20736S has EEPROM to store APP image and NVRAM. You may use that to store data. 20736 may not have enough RAM to run the code to maintain the operation of SPI-flash.




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