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    Create custom USB-PD cable


      We want to provide power using USB-PD to a device with custom (waterproof and durable) connectors.

      Ideally we also want to transmit data and/or video, so USB seems like a good choice.


      From my initial research I assume it is feasible to create a Type-C to <custom> cable, add a CCG2 or CMG1 chip to the cable and enable high voltages and currents using the EZ-PD Configuration Utility, while setting the "cable type" flag to "captive".


      Do you see any problem with this concept?

      Is it "allowed" to use a different connector than Type-C in a custom application where you can provide a custom cable for your device?

      Do we need any type of USBncertification to be able to sell such a cable with the device (apart from CE, MIL, etc. certification of the device itself)?


      What is the main difference of CMG1 and CCG2 in such a cable application?

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          Your understanding is correct. A captive cable assembly is a cable assembly that is terminated on one end with a USB Type-C plug and has a vendor-specific connect means (hardwired or custom detachable) on the opposite end. If you do not want to get USB-IF certification (that means USB-IF logo on your product), then you can do whatever you want.


          USB-IF has some document you should read:

          USB Type-C® Cable and Connector Specification Revision 2.0, August 2019 and ECNs | USB-IF

          CMG1 is a fixed-firmware device with only 9-ball CSP package. CCG2 is more flexible. But we usually will not recommend customer do customized modification on cable firmware and we do not release source code for cable application.