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    CCG Bootloader Project Files


      Where are the PSoC Creator Project Files for the various CCGx parts?


      I'd like to make minor modifications to the Bootloaders on a CCGx part. I understand I can re-create a Bootloader project using  CE221653 "PSoC 4 Bootloader and Bootloadable" as reference. I'd prefer to start with the factory loaded Bootloader.



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          Hi Greg,


          You could get the bootloader project in the CCGx SDK. When you new created a project based on CCGx project, you could find out the bootloader project under the workspace folder.


          For example of CCG4 firmware (I created a new project for CCG4M based on CYPD4126 example code.), you could find out the bootloader project as below structure:


          Please kindly notice that the device have to SWD programming if you have been changed the bootloader project in your firmware project.


          Best Regards,


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