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    Detailed API description

      I am looking for a good document that is describing all the API's from the LE Stack in detail.  There is a document directory in the WICED-smart SDK directory and it does have an API section, but that is lacking a lot of details.  This API directory seems to be doxygen generated and a lot of API descriptions seem to be missing.  When looking at the corresponding header files, it can be noticed that the API information is indeed not present for a lot of API's.


      Is there a more complete document describing all the API's in more detail?  I am for instance interested in the API for AES encryption (set_aes_key, aes_cbc_encrypt, ...), but cannot seem to find information with respect to the API usage of it.



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          Unfortunately, the Doxygen generated HTML based files that are included within the SDK are the only API documentation we offer.


          The sample applications within the SDK are documented fairly well and many users find those applications helpful for getting started.


          The RSA library is implemented in firmware on the 20737 and is a direct port of the Polar SSL library (version 1.7).


          I believe the same library can be obtained (in source) from http://www.polarssl.org(or licensed from them if needed).


          What little we have in the way of documentation for this feature is available within the  WICED-Smart\bleapp\utils\rsa.h file.


          The following sample application leverages the RSA library, so it may be a good place to start: /WICED-Smart-SDK/Apps/ota_secure_firmware_upgrade



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            Thank you for the information.  I will check out the resources you indicated.