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    About MIPI-CSI2 setting of CX3




      [System]  NTSC ⇒ Decoder ⇒ CX3 ⇒ PC

      The active pixels output by the Decoder are as follows.
      - H-Active: 1440
      - V-Active: 240

      They are thinking that H-Active contains two lines of data when importing interlace,


      Question) Regarding the MIPI capture settings (Image Sensor Configuration screen) on the CX3, is it possible to import as 720x480 by doing as following?
      H-Active : 720
      V-Active: 480

      Or, the MIPI side sets the capture as 1440 × 240, Is the setting of the descriptor on the UVC side 720x480?

      MIPI side
      H-Active: 1440
      V-Active: 240

      UVC side descriptor setting
      720 × 480


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          This question is very similar to Re: FX3 SD video encoder


          In case you would like to use Interace, you need to set "Interlace Flags" in "Class specific Uncompressed VS format descriptor" appropriately.

          By default of AN75779, "Interlace Flags" is 0x00 that stands for Progressing scan. Change this field what the customer wants.

          The meaning of this Field can confirm by reading "USB_Video_Payload_Frame_Based_1.1 or 1.5.pdf" and please check the offset 25 'bmInterlaceFlags' that is Specifies interlace information.


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