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    Can Cypress receive packets replayed by a SDR like ubertooth one?


      I am trying to develop a BLE test bed for my research work on wireless security. Basically, I am trying to follow a BLE connection and replay packets from an SDR. In this case, I am using two Cypress as my test devices and a Ubertooth One as the sniffer. I was able to do all that, i.e. follow the Cypress communication on all channel and get the data packets. Now, I am trying to replay packets of the server Cypress from the Ubertooth to the client Cypress, but I was not able to do that. I would like to mention that I didn't enable any encryption on the Cypress side, so the packets are just purely whitened. Just to verify that Ubertooth is doing the correctly modulation, I sent some advertisement packets to a Cypress scanner and I was able to initiate a connection between them, which I verified in the Wireshark. I would also like to mention that, I have maintained all the communication timing requirements for the BLE communication. Since, I am new this platform and it is the only tool I have right now to work, I would like to know  the following -

      1. If I send an exact packet from my Ubertooth One that has a valid CRC, and the NSEN & SN also matched with the current communication, will Cypress receive the data?

      2. How can I get the raw BLE packets recevied by Cypress i.e. before the CRC, NSEN and SN are check and discarded.


      One more thing is that the Ubertooth has no BLE stacks, that is no layers above link layer.

      I would really appreciate if someone could help me with my questions. Thank you in advance!

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