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    Phone Alert Status Service Cy_BLE_PASSS_GetCharacteristicValue



      I am using "Phone Alert Status Service" for BLE communication for my PSoC6 project.  I am trying to write 2 bytes of data to characteristic: "Ringer Control Point".  The following is the code:


      uint8_t test[2]={0};

      /* Read the input from the GATT database */

      cy_en_ble_api_result_t m_result=Cy_BLE_PASSS_GetCharacteristicValue(CY_BLE_PASS_CP, 2, test);


        //turn LED on

          cyhal_gpio_write((cyhal_gpio_t)CYBSP_USER_LED2, CYBSP_LED_STATE_ON);



      If I input two bytes: e.g. 0x01 0x02 writing is not successful;  When I input one byte: e.g. 0x01, it works.  I do not understand why "Cy_BLE_PASSS_GetCharacteristicValue" fails with writing more than one byte and I'd appreciated if some one can provide a solution.