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    BT Dongle Issues/Sensor Data through a terminal session

      Hi MichaelF_56

      I have three question

      1) When I was trying to pair tag3 to Bluetooth dongle, it add the device but it can not install driver for it, driver is always failed. I download several app like hello_sensor, speed_test, HRT monitor all of them failed. Kindly look picture below. I checked on "show bluetooth device" in my PC i saw a yellow triangle sign on added device kindly look below picture. Is this normal?

      2) Normally Bluetooth device added serially with PC, and we can see incoming data on 'Hyper terminal' or 'Putty' why we can not receive data serially with Tag3 board on  'Hyper terminal' or 'Putty'?

      3) I just want my sensor data on serial port to process further with matlab.


      driver error.jpgtroubleshoot.jpg