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    S25HS01GT clarification for the QUADIT bit of CFR1V[1] and the QPI-IT bit of CFR2V[6]


      Hi Experts,


      Last time I asked a question about "s70fs01gs clarification for CR1V QUAD bit behavior after CR2V QPI bit set to 1" and got result that the CR1V QUAD bit will be automatically set to '1' when the CR2V QPI bit is set to '1'.


      Here I got the same question for the part 's25hs01gt', in the datasheet, it has different description from the 's70fs01gs'.

      In the s25hs01gt, it only has a description in Table Configuration Register 2 for CFR2V[6] QPI-IT that "Dependency: QUADIT (CFR1x[1])".

      Does this dependency means that

      1. the "QUADIT (CFR1x[1])" will be automatically set to '1' when "QPI-IT (CFR2V[6])" is set to '1'?

      2. or the "QUADIT (CFR1x[1])" should be set to '1' by using 'write register' command before setting to "QPI-IT (CFR2V[6])" to '1'?

      Which is the expected behavior for s25hs01gt?