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    CCG4M SDK Bootloader Creation


      Regarding KBA219845 @ https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-13701


      I tried to work through KBA219845 and ran into questions with step 5.


      Step 5 appears to be setting the project to align with the correct bootloader. Since a project doesn’t exist for a CCG4M part, this KBA has the user start with a similar CCG4 part. My experience with bootloaders is the Bootloadable file has to match the exact Bootloader file. As such, I’m not clear why the instructions are telling me to change from a single port CCG4 (CYPD4126) to a dual port CCG4 (CYPD4226) when I’m targeting a single port CCG4M (CYPS4155).


      Can someone verify the procedure in step 5 and add some explanation??


      If the instructions are correct, I’m not clear on how to find the Bootloader for the CYPD4226 when I’ve only loaded a project for CYPD4126. Was I supposed to load all projects?


      P.S. I don’t see an option to reply or comment on the KBA at the website. Should there be an option for comment? I only found an option for feedback that lets me click on an emotion emoji.