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    Correct way to add include directories to new project

      I have created a new project and one of the sources needs access to multiple include

      directories.  I have edited the new make file as follows:


      NAME := testPlatform

      $(NAME)_SOURCES:= testPlatform.c

      $(NAME)_INCLUDES +: -I./WICED/RTOS/FreeRTOS/ver7.5.2/Source/include


      After clean and build, I get a strange string in the config.mk file (in the build dir tree)

      that looks something like


      testPlatform_INCLUDES := -I./app/testProgram/testPlatform-I./WICED/RTOS/FREERTOS/ver7.5/2/Source/incude


      no space between the include specs  and the compile fails.  Have replaced +: with other syntax choices but

      same result.  If I edit config.mk and add a space, include files are found correctly.  But, if I ever do a clean,

      I loose that info from the config.mk file.


      Also is there a list of significant make variable names that mean something in project make files?  It took a while to find the

      xxx_INCLUDES name in an example and also the $(NAME)_PREBUILT_LIBRARY := xxx.a for use in creating project-wide

      libraries.  Even if its just a list significant names, that would be a help..