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    In regards to the CY7C65631, how can our customer's user application send a request to reset a downstream port?

      There are a number of "requests" that can be issued to any USB Hub. Specifically:

      • a "SetPortReset" request performs a USB reset on the corresponding port, then enables it.
      • the "SetPortSuspend" request can suspend individual downstream ports of a hub. (ClearPortSuspend re-enables it)
      • the "SetPortPower" request will enable or disable power to any selected port.

      One or all of these requests, issued either to our hub's ports or to the port into which our hub is plugged, may prove helpful in overcoming our issue. Unfortunately, we have not yet discovered how to issue a "request".

      We have been looking into the USB Specification Revision 2.0 Section 11.11 Hub Port Power Control as a way to reset the downstream port. Please advise how we can accomplish this request from an end-user's application.