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    [BCM43242] In 5Ghz, 40Mhz bandwidth, P2P is not getting up.




           We are using BCM43242 USB interface wireless chipset. BCM P2P library (Sample App) used for the Wi-Fi Direct (P2P).

      Wireless Chipset firmware version: wl0: Feb 26 2020 07:46:16 version (r724556) FWID 01-32bd010f

      In 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz frequency, 40Mhz bandwidth, things are working fine, like station connection and p2p connection. But in 5Ghz frequency, 40Mhz bandwidth, P2P is failing to UP. I have collected the logs for both success(5Ghz,20Mhz BW) and failure(5Ghz,40Mhz BW) cases and shared them here.


      It looks like the WLC_E_IF event is not received during create bss.

      Does anybody know the reason for this?


      **********WORKING LOG FOR 5GHz frequency and 20MHz Bandwidth**********

      p2papi_osl_create_bss: P2P ch=81:10

      ---wl p2p_ifadd 86:25:19:ad:b2:85 go 10

      p2pwl_iovar_setbuf_bss: iovar=p2p_ifadd, bssidx=0

      Receive Event --> Primary through call

      event fwd : ret=79

      Drop an event

      p2papi_rx_wl_event: rx WLC_E_IF 54 bsscfgidx=1() stat=0x0 reas=0x0 auth=0 data_len=5

      p2papi_rx_wl_event: event data: 5

        01 01 00 01 03

      WLC_E_IF: cbcaw=1 flags=0x0 ifname=wl0.1

      ...saving conn bsscfg ifname

      p2posl_save_bssname: usage=2 ifname=wl0.1

      p2papi_osl_connection_mode_ifup: ifname=wl0.1

      p2papi_linux_ifup: ifconfig wl0 up





      **********NOT WORKING LOG FOR 5GHz frequency and 40MHz Bandwidth**********

      p2posl_sem_wait: timed out, cnt=0

      p2posl_sem_wait: exit, ret=39 cnt=0 time=505.210000

      p2papi_osl_create_bss: sem_wait failed with 2

      ---wl p2p_ifdel 86:25:19:ad:b2:85

      p2pwl_iovar_setbuf_bss: iovar=p2p_ifdel, bssidx=0

      p2papi_group_cancel: poll for cancel confirm...

      wl_ioctl: WLC ioctl 263 returned error -30

      sock=158 buf=0x37beb10 len=16 set=1 wl=0x95c3bc4, ret=-30

      pri/dis/con ifidx=0/0/0 ifnames=eth1//, ioctl ifname=eth1

      WLC_SET_VAR p2p_ifdel

      P2PAPI: set bss 0 iovar p2p_ifdel failed (-2)

      'wl p2p_ifdel' error -2

      p2papi_osl_create_bss: create bss failed, ret=2

      p2papi_create_ap_bss: osl_create_bss failed

      p2papi_create_ap_bss: exit, ret=2 conn-bssidx=0

      p2p_group_create_core: softap_enable failed

      p2papi_group_create_core: cleanup, cancel=1 status=-17