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    Can't reach 13MBps with USB3.0 on Windows 10 and Pentium



      I'm using FX3 and I firmware that setup Bulk EP.


      I write c# software from

      CyUSB.NET dll that get data from this Bulk EP via async method (beginXfer)


      I test this software on differents machine and it's OK




      when I use Intel(R) Penitum(R) CPU N3710 @ 1.6GHz with 4.00GB RAM

      and Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC


      I cant' reach 13MBps stable.


      Data are 1024Byte packets generated at 13MBps from FPGA connected to FX3 via GPIF II


      FX3 DMA is setup as 200 buffers capable of 1024Byte.


      What I notice is that internal FX3 buffer sometimes overflows.


      The problem is serious when I overload Pentium CPU.


      Can someone help me ?


      I watch CyUSB.NET sources from github

      and I see that BeginXfer uses


      control code for DIRECT transfer (non buffered).


      But the driver uses DMA when receive this IO control code ?



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