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    EZ-Serial: Read out RSSI value


      We are using CYBT-333047 module with EZ-Serial communication interface.

      The gap_query_rssi (/QSS BLE) and the bt_query_rssi (/BTQSS BT-Classic) commands are not working for me.

      1. /QSS always returns 0, even if there is an active BLE connection
      2. /BTQSS always returns error (E=020D), even if there is an active BT-Classic connection


      Please reproduce this issues and let me knwo, if they can be fixed!


      Best Reagrds!

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          The /QSS command requires the correct conn_handle passed as argument. For example, after I established a BLE connection, the board gave me the following event:


          From the result I knew that the current conn_handle is 01 (inferred from the field "C=01"). So in order to get the RSSI using /QSS, I should send the following command:


          And then I get the following response:


          It tells me the RSSI is D1.

          If I send the following command:

          /QSS, C=00

          Or just the following command:


          I will get the following response:


          And the field "0502" stands for EZS_ERR_GAP_CONNECTION_REQUIRED, which tells me I didn't specify the correct conn_handle.



          /BTQSS always require the argument macaddr. For example, you should send commands like below:


          Then you get the correct results like:


          And in your case, you got the following error:


          The field "0203" here indicates EZS_ERR_PROTOCOL_MISSING_REQUIRED_ARGUMENT. So remember to add the correct arguments to the commands.


          For more details, refer to the user guide below:




          Sincere regards from C. L.


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