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    Need a FX3 firmware programmer for a custom imaging device


      I am looking for an experienced FX3 firmware programmer to assist me in the
      development of a custom imaging system. I am based in the USA-California, but I
      consider working with individuals/companies in India, China, and other places.


      If you are interested please contact me, or if you know anyone who may be interested,
      please have the interested party get in touch with me.





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          Please let us know the complete details of the  firmware you want to develop so that we can help you better




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            Hello Rashi,




            Thank you for your response.




            Please provide the following information:




                            Full name :


                            Company name :




                            Location :


                            Level of experience with FX3 :


                            Example of previous firmware development on FX3 :


                            Any experience in designing and developing USB camera hardware (PCB level) :


                            Hourly rate in US Dollars :


                            Expected number of hours needed for the project :




            Description of the project:




            Actually, we have developed firmware for the FX3 in the past, and we could do this development ourselves. The only issue is that we are over-booked with the existing project. So, this is a capacity issue, and we are considering contracting out this portion of the development.




            ·         Basically, we are building a USB 3.0 camera with a UVC interface. The image sensor has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and provides Frame, Line and Pixel clock signals. The image sensor can go up to 150 fps, but we are limiting the speed to no more than 30 fps.


            ·         The data from the image sensor is actually 32 bits per pixel, on an 8-bit data bus. So, for each pixel, there will be four (4) clocks. For the purpose of developing the firmware, we intent to treat the image sensor as if it had a resolution of 1280 x 240 by 8-bit.  So, at 30 fps, the data rate will be around 10 megabytes/second.


            ·         The camera will have two I2C interconnected devices. One is the image sensor controller, and the other is an external sensor. The two devices share the same bus parameters, and only differ by the base address




            Obviously, we will provide timing data for all the signals at a later stage.