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    PSoC 62 + (BLE5 or BLE5-WiFI combo) software/hardware selection


      Hi everybody,


      originally I was thinking to use announced PSoC 64 that should combine BLE5 with large memory and strong peripheral devices of PSoC 62 line.


      However, the release of PSoC 64 seems to be delayed. No any release date has been announced yet, but if you have information whet it can appear, please let me know.



      For the time being I have to look for an alternative solution to have PsSoc 62 plus some BLE5 module or BLE5-WiFi combo. 


      The radio part can be from other vendors, for instance, Ambiq micro Apollo 3BLE or Nordic, but it also can be from Cypress, for instance, CYW20719. However, even if the radio chip will be from Cypress, its code still should be debugged separately. Thus, may be there will be no real benefit to go for CYW20719.


      Can you please share your experience of adding radio transmission to PSoC 62, especially to  the chip with 1MB RAM?

      What radio part can fit the best, and will be the least problematic in programming and debugging?

      What programming environment can be recommended?


      Currently I am using Modus Toolbox, but can consider alternative environments. From PSoC 62 periphery I use SDHC and SMIF (Serial Memory Interface, in Octal SPI mode).


      All the best,