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    Exclusion of library files from compilation in Modus 1.1 Toolbox


      How one can exclude a library file from compilation in Modus 1.1 project to replace it with a custom written version?


      In Modus 2.0 this question can be solved by editing makefile of the project and specifying the file name that should be excluded as CY_IGNORE = ./filename.c. Details are described in this document: Managing the Makefile for ModusToolbox® v2.x – KBA229177

      However, makefile is normally not user-editable in Modus 1.1. It seems to be that its automatic generation can be disabled in the project settings, C/C++ compiler options, but whether it supports CY_IGNORE = is not clear. Probably not, because this variable is absent in the list of variables of Modus 1.1 for compiler.


      If exclusion is difficult, what is the easiest way to override a specific function in the library?


      One can always make an independent file with a slightly different function name in it, but dependence of this function from many other functions in the library makes this approach time consuming because of necessity of resolving all links.


      Best regards, Alexei