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    002-22328 questions/clarification


      Hi All,


      I am using document 002-22328 rev G to program a virgin CYBLE-022001-00 module.  The steps have worked up to the erase entire chip step which is failing at the PollSronStatus() call (Step 3 - erase all flash at the top of page 28).


      But what got me wondering is the use of the various symbols to formulate Params values.  Usually fields & symbols like these are manipulated when they are individual fields/bits in registers.  But in this instance and throughout this document many of the fields seem to overlap each other.  For example, the statement at the top of page 28, in the erase all flash routine:


           Params = (SROM_KEY1 << 0) + ((SROM_KEY2+SROM_CMD_ERASE_ALL) << 8);          evaluates to

                          = ( 0xB6 ) + ( ( 0xD3 + 0xA ) << 8

                          = 0xDD00 + 0xB6

                          = 0xDDB6


      Is this really what was intended here?  Is seems as if SROM_KEY2 and SROM_CMD_ERASE_ALL are intended to be in different bit field locations from each other rather than being combined as they are.  Are these definitions of these registers in another document that might clarify this?


      Here's a trans script of my steps after the chip is "open":


      Chip unprotected

      writeio(20000100,DDB6): acl1 1, ack2 1

      writeio(40100008,20000100): acl1 1, ack2 1

      writeio(40100004,8000000A): acl1 1, ack2 1

      readio(40100004,A): acl1 1, ack2 1, ack3 1

      readio(40100008,F0000012): acl1 1, ack2 1, ack3 1


      Can't erase flash



      Thanks for your help,