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    CX3 Mipi Controller configuration



         I want to config CYUSB3065 CX3 Mipi Controller with a sensor(mipi mode sensor) by CX3 Configuration Project. I have read the "Help Contents" ->"Cypress EZ-USB Guides"->"EZ-USB Suite Guide"->"CX3 Configuration Utility" section.

         I confused that if Sensor manual document can not found value what  configration project "Image Sensor Configuration" need ,or I don‘t have Sensor FAE, how can I configure CX3 Configuration Project "Image Sensor Configuration" and "CX3 Receiver Configuration" Table? Should I measure some signels? What signals do I need to measure?

         How can I determine these param:

         1. Image Sensor Configuration



         (3)Date Lane

         (4)CSI Clock




         (8) V-Blanking


         2.  CX3 Receiver Configuration

         (1) PLL Out Clock

         (2)Output Pixel Clock

         (3)CSI RXLP <->HS Clock

         (4)Fifo Delay


         Thank you!

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          Please contact the sensor manufacturer to get the Image sensor Configuration parameters like THS-Prepare, THS-Zero, Number of data lanes, CSI Clock, H-Active, H-Blanking, V-Active and V-Blanking.


          CX3 Receiver configurations can be set once the Image Sensor Configuration parameters are known precisely so that each of the CX3 Receiver Configuration Parameters stay within the limits shown by the MIPI Configuration Utility.


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               If I can't get these sensor parameters, how can I measure these signel? And do you mean that if I can set sensor parameters correctly in Image Sensor Configuration, all values in the parameter range shown in CX3 Receiver Configuration are OK?

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              Image sensor is basically a MIPI transmitter and it sends data based on how it is configured. This configuration of image sensor is done by CX3 by writing the configuration settings into the image sensor registers over I2C bus. The image sensor can be configured for using different CSI clock, number of data lanes, H-Active and H-Blanking, V-Active and V-Blanking. All of these depends on the Image sensor configurations that are set. The image sensor configurations can only be obtained from the Sensor Vendor. Once you get these configuration settings from the vendor,corresponding to the settings, you can fill in the parameters found in the Image Sensor Configuration Tab of CX3 Configuration Utility.

              It is possible to measure the THS-Prepare and THS-Zero of the image sensor. You can do this by analyzing the data lanes while it performs the LP-HS transition as shown in the following fig.



              But Again, this can be obtained directly from the sensor vendor.


              Regarding your query on CX3 Receiver Configuration parameters, it should be set within the limits shown by the tool. If the sensor configuration parameters are precisely known, the tool may or may not generate errors in some of the fields of CX3 Receiver Configuration Parameters. But we need to adjust these parameters in such a way that the errors are removed and each parameter stays within the limits set by the tool.


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