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    Why isn't Cypress PSoC more popular?


      I just got the CY8CKIT and I love it. While I have a background in EE, I don't currently work in the industry. This stuff is a blast to play around with.


      It's an expensive kit but Cypress offer a wide range of kits in a variety of price points. I also have the low-cost BLE set. It's so much fun to use PSoC Creator. It feels like I have a much wider range of options. All the tools are so much more helpful then the Arduino IDE. The builder is simply magic. I wire up the components and the builder does the rest. I love being able to review the C code that it builds. There is a bit of a learning cure but it just took ma a day or so to get the hang of it. After I master the Creator tool I can start building for the BLE and PSoC 6 chips.


      Why aren't these chips and kits more popular with the hacker/maker kids? Is it the higher cost? Is it the smaller ecosystem? Is it the learning curve? I just finished building an adapter so I can use all my Arduino shields with the CY8CKIT. I can't wait to add a TFTP display. The PS0C BLE is a great chipset for building for the IoT environment. The CapSense tools are pretty cool too.