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    Difference PSOC, SOC, MCU


      I find it very hard to wrap my head around the difference between those three. I know what a MCU is (for example ARMm4) and what a SoC is (for example FPGA with hard ARM core communicating via AXI), but then I read about PSOC and now I know nothing anymore. Maybe you can help me understand the differences better.



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          MCU: Micro Control Unit ,

          The CPU, ram, ROM, Timer counter and various GPIO  interfaces of the computer are integrated on a chip to form a chip level computer, which can do different combination control for different application occasions. We call it MCU.


          PSoC : PSoC is one of numerous MCU. PSoC is a kind of MCU, it can be programmed. Be produced by CY.


          SoC: System-on-a-Chip. It is a feature of the MCU.





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            MCU = microcontroller. Typically a small CPU wit VidMateh built-in program flash, SRAM, and some peripherals. Sometimes large enough to use external memory, but not dependent on it. Almost never large enough to run a multitasking operating s mMobdro ystem (such as Linux). The AVR microcontroller on an Arduino would be an example of a MCU.