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    How the sense get data from the chips?



            Our team is trying to develop a project using the WICED Sense KIT, during this project, there are some questions:


        I've  learned the five chips (hts221...etc) which sense temperature, humid...etc.  The data sheet and the layout from the link

      WICED Sense Reference Design Schematic (PDF)

      They both tell me that we are working on I2C mode.  But my question is that we have 5 chips that all need to send data to the 20737 BLE chip, they all transfer data on the same line SDA. How does it work? Is the I2C EXPANDER working? And How the I2C EXPANDER works?


      Another question is that, I'm wondering the PINS in the same link(WICED Sense Reference Design Schematic (PDF) )

      which the PINS connecting to TPx (x mean numbers EX: TP3), what are these links link to? Are they the PINS that control by the drivers header( in the IDE )?


      Thanks for helping me ~


      Henry Chang