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    cyusb_linux error opening device and error opening library


      My system and setup:

      Ubuntu 18.04, USB 2.0.   Device is a Commell MPX24794S card using a Cypress CY8C24794.   The cyusb_linux_1.0.4 package was installed according to the instructions in the README file. The active VID and PID was obtained from the command lsusb as VID = cece and PID = 7941.  The /etc/cyusb.conf file and the /etc/udev/rules.d/88-cyusb.rules file were modified according to other discussions found here. 

      cyusb.conf changed to have cece     7941        Commell MPX24794S

      88-cyusb.rules changed to have ATTR{idVendor}=="cece"   instead of ATTR{idVendor}=="04b4"


      Results and observations:

      trying to run cyusb_linux gives 2 error messages:  Error in opening device and Error opening library.


      Commell documentation claims that the PID is 7940.  When the value is changes to this cyusb_linux loads but produces a command line response of No device found and there is no device listed in the running program.


      cyusb_linux will also run with no device found if the original forms of cyusb.conf and 88-cyusb.rules are used.


      Using what appears to be the correct information according to lsusb gives the most problems.


      Please advise as to the next step.  Thank you.