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    Mipi Problems when configuring CX3 for RAW8 data with 4tx lanes



      I have some configuration problems when using the cx3 with a custom camera board.

      More specifically, I have Mipi problems when configuring the CX3 with 4 Tx lanes receiving RAW8 data. Before going into details, I just want to anticipate the following:

      -between camera and cx3 I have an FPGA stage where I convert the parallel pixel into serial (CSI-2), hence I can reconfigure the data format.
      -The cx3 successfully worked with 2 Tx lanes for both RAW10 and RAW8 format (I set the GPIF bus width to 16 in both cases as explained in several threads, otherwise e-camview wouldn't work with a GPIF bus width set to 8).
      -The cx3 successfully worked with RAW10 format configured with 4 TX lanes (meaning that I don't have routing problems with 4 TX lanes).


      The parameters I am using are the the following:


      - CSI clock 80 MHz

      - 4 data lanes

      - non-continuous clock mode

      - Pixel clock 80.0 MHz

      - Video format: RAW8

      - Resolution: 1024x200

      - H-blanking: 2152

      - V-Blanking: 73

      - FPS: 88

      - THS prepare 100 ns, THS-zero 150 ns.


      This is how I configured the CX3:


      CyU3PMipicsiCfg_t Camera_control =


          CY_U3P_CSI_DF_YUV422_8_0,  /* CyU3PMipicsiDataFormat_t dataFormat */

          4,                          /* uint8_t numDataLanes */

          1,                /* uint8_t pllPrd */

          79,            /* uint16_t pllFbd */

          CY_U3P_CSI_PLL_FRS_250_500M, /* CyU3PMipicsiPllClkFrs_t pllFrs */

          CY_U3P_CSI_PLL_CLK_DIV_4,    /* CyU3PMipicsiPllClkDiv_t csiRxClkDiv */

          CY_U3P_CSI_PLL_CLK_DIV_4,    /* CyU3PMipicsiPllClkDiv_t parClkDiv */

          0,                        /* uint16_t mClkCtl */

          CY_U3P_CSI_PLL_CLK_DIV_2,    /* CyU3PMipicsiPllClkDiv_t mClkRefDiv */

          1024,                /* uint16_t hResolution */

          300                            /* uint16_t fifoDelay */


      I also add the following picture from the config file to confirm that I do not have errors:


      I configured it in order to append 8 bits of zero to each RAW8 pixel (through CY_U3P_CSI_DF_YUV422_8_0) and to have a number of bytes per frame equal to 1024x200*2bytes= 409600 bytes. This operation properly worked when the system was configured with 2 Tx lanes.
      I also used the phy time delay API properly.
      When I run e-cam view the error I get on the UART port is the following:




      As you can see I constantly have crc errors and I think this is related to how I configured the MIPI interface. I'm not able to constantly receive a full frame. Do you have suggestions on where the problem could be?


      Thanks in advance.