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    BCM20702B unsupported vendor specific BLE command



      We are using BCM20702B in one of our PoC project as a Bluetooth LE solution.


      And we are getting illegal command response for HCI_BLE_VENDOR_CAP_OCF (0xFD53).


      We want to know if the Opcode for below vendor specific HCI commands (for Bluetooth LE) are supported,


      /* LE Get Vendor Capabilities Command OCF */

      #define HCI_BLE_VENDOR_CAP_OCF    (0xFD53 )


      /* Multi adv OCF */

      #define HCI_BLE_MULTI_ADV_OCF     (0xFD54 )


      /* Batch scan OCF */

      #define HCI_BLE_BATCH_SCAN_OCF    (0xFD56 )



      If you could share us the HCI layer documentation then we can find out the exact Opcode for all vendor specific commands.

      Thanks, Srinivas