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    Must BLE Board Address come from IEEE?


      I've been trying to get a straight answer from the Bluetooth SIG without much success.  Perhaps someone here can help.

      In PSoC creator, using a PSoC4 BLE module, in the BLE component configuration screen under GAP settings there is an entry for Device Address, Public Address.  As I understand it this address is 48 bits long, half of which is a Company ID and the other half of which is a company assigned part.  In both of these "company" refers to my company.


      1.  Is all of this correct so far?

      2.  For a product I'm designing using a Cypress EZ-BLE module is a company ID really required or is it optional?

      3.  If optional, can it be any random number? 

      4.  If not optional, is this referring to a MAC ADDRESS  (or OUI or MA-L) which must be assigned by IEEE for a charge of  $2995? 

      5.  Or is this some other number which can be gotten from somewhere else?


      Thanks for your help,


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          Yes, Company ID part refers to your company. It is a 24-bit Organization Unique Identifier (OUI) address assigned by the IEEE.

          For testing purposes, you can use the Cypress OUI (0x00A050). For production purposes, you should to get the OUI for your company. You can get your Company ID from the Bluetooth SIG after you get an adopter or associate membership, or can use an OUI assigned by the IEEE.


          Company Assigned part is a 24 least significant bits, where you can use either silicon-generated company-assigned value or you can directly write a value into flash. If you enable 'silicon-generated company-assigned value' in the BLE component then the “Company assigned” part of the device address is generated using the Wafer ID and X-Y die location on the wafer. PSoC creator then populates the company-assigned part of the device address using the 6 bits of the Die X register, 6 bits of the Die Y register, 5 bits of the Die wafer, and 7 bits of the Die Lot registers.


          Please refer to the KBA Setting Bluetooth Device Address – KBA211407  for more information.


          P Yugandhar.