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    Migration issues with S29GL01GT


      Hello, we are having some issues migrating from S29GL01GP to S29GL01GP.


      We have a functional design that uses an FGPA with an S29GL01GT. Only the operations of simple reading, simple word writing and sector erase were implemented. To check the state of the algorithm only the RYBY signal was used.


      We are having issues migrating this design to S29GL01GT10TFI010. We currently have two prototype PCBs and the problem is this: when a sector is deleted and then written, we cannot retrieve the data written in certain addresses (the read value is FFFF). These addresses are always the same, but they are different for each board. I attach a capture of the single word write, CH1: CE #, CH2: WE #, CH3: RY / BY, CH4: OE #. The first address is latched with the CE flank, and the data with the WE flanks. We wait for RYBY to go high before starting the next single word programming.


      Are we missing something?, thanks.

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          Thank you for contacting Cypress Semiconductor.

          I would first like to point you to the following AN (link) which is a migration guide for GL-P to GL-T migration. Please go through and make sure all requirements have been met for the migration.

          • I would like to point out that the Vcc Setup Time to first access (tVCS) is different for both devices. GL-T needs more time for setup.
          • I would also like to point out that the single word program time for GL-T is greater than that of GL-P.
          • Could you please tell me the locations where the word programming is failing for either of the devices?
          • Could you try to read the Status Register value after programming operation completes and tell us the result?