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    PVref_P4 still in preliminary prototype state?


      Hi community.

      I am using the PVref_P4 Programmable Voltage Reference on a prototype device within a CY8C4145AZI-PS423. This seems working very well. Within PSoC Creator it appears with a red background and is labeled as "Prototype", the datasheet referenced from PSoC Creator is labled as "PRELIMINARY". Meanwhile I found a datasheet with the same title "PSoC 4 Programmable Voltage Reference (PVref_P4)1.0" but inside labeled as "Document Number: 002-10611 Rev. *C", which is no longer "PRELIMINARY".

      My questions: Can I use this component now for production? Will there be an update for this component within PSoc Creator, without "protoype" labeling?


      Best regards,

      Norbert Witt