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    NFC Sample code (BCM20737)



      Is there sample code to test NFC functionality, specifically NFC payment?

      We are developing a product that will use BCM20737 as a payment device and interact with

      NFC payment systems at stores.

      We've installed WICED smart SDK v2.1.1 and can see only BLE samples in the project.

      Any help on this would steer our project in the right direction.


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          Unfortunately, we do not have any sample apps that demonstrate the NFC "interaction" functionality of the device.


          Recall that we only support an NFC tag waking up the BCM20737 over GPIO when an NFC reader reads from the NFC tag. Once triggered, our device then sends pre-programmed information over a BLE link which is similar to what is stored in the NFC tag.


          You still need an NFC Tag and Reader within the application.

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            Hi mwf_mmfae,


            We just noticed you've posted the same answer for most NFC questions. Could you elaborate please. We have experience with BLE but are working on NFC for the first time.


            1. We understand the NFC reader in a payment gateway system is the retailer device that reads payment data off of cards. But what is the NFC tag?

            2. Is the NFC tag separate from the BCM20737?

            3. Could you explain in terms of a payment gateway system at a retailer. If our device incorporates a BCM20737 chip, would we be able to store customer data and make a payment at any retailer that has a NFC reader?


            Thank you for your patience.


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              In an NFC system, there is both an NFC Reader and an NFC Tag.  You will still need both of these when used with the NFC feature on our part as it contains no NFC radio functionality at all, only a means for an NFC device external to the device to toggle a GPIO, then send a preset block of data over a bluetooth link.


              The part is really only augmenting an existing NFC system by providing the capability to send the same NFC Tag data over BT in addition to NFC.


              My apologies that we have never provided a sample application for this functionality.


              If you need an NFC radio on a Broadcom device supported on this website, then the BCM43341 includes an NFC radio as well.

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                Thank you for the elaboration.