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    Does the BCM43362 based WICED Module from Particle support the WICED SDK?


      Does this one can run WICED SDK example?

      I see they have their IDE Tool and never said WICED can support it.

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          I'm not sure, but I don't believe the Particle board also supports the SDK with a migration path from particle's own SDK.


          Perhaps chobberoni can confirm.

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            From Particle's Senior Engineer, david_1917281

            "We're wrapping the wiced SDK for the photon, I'm not aware of plans to help people exclusively use their sdk instead of ours.  Our firmware tries to abstract the underlying CPU / radio somewhat, but someone who really wants to use the WICED stuff directly, there's nothing stopping them."


            There is some additional dialog here in the original thread as well: Re: Introducing the $19 BCM43362 based WICED Module from Particle (formerly Spark)!


            chobberoni grga

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              I followed this process:


              WICED FTDI Chip Programming (2) via Script


              exactly and it does work, at least by correctly reprogramming the 93C46 used by the FT2232.  I verified the programming thru the FT_PROG GUI program that reads and displays the entire 93C46 image.  Further, by every detail, it appears to have the same programming.  BTW, the FT_PROG program does not allow you to copy the image because it wants to insert a Serial Number which I was unable to eliminate.  I did not know whether the serial number was screwing up OpenOCD so the method described above is by far the best way to install the image.


              Now I am struggling with something related and I wonder if anybody has played with this.  I'm trying to use the Particle.io Photon in my prototypes.  (The final design uses the SMT USI WM-N-BM-09)  The first step is to be able to program the Photon with my new code developed on my BCM943363WCD4_EVB.  Unfortunately, this has not come together like I expected.  I purchased the Photon ??? Programmer Shield??? and started trying to talk to the Photon with the methods Particle has prescribed without success.  I am using Mac OS X for development and I've had exactly zero problems talking to my Broadcom WICED development board.  I have studied to the intimate details of the Photon programmer.  It is almost like they copied the Broadcom board design.  (I say that in a good way, not a bad way...the Broadcom EVB is rock solid and easy to use.)  Fundamentally it is exactly the same design without a set of gates for the external JTAG programmer.   The WICED serial port appears to work and even the JTAG port appears to light based on the LED on the board, but the programming cycle fails with an error:


              Downloading Application ...

              **** OpenOCD failed - ensure you have installed the driver from the drivers directory, and that the debugger is not running **** In Linux this may be due to USB access permissions. In a virtual machine it may be due to USB passthrough settings. Check in the task list that another OpenOCD process is not running. Check that you have the correct target and JTAG device plugged in. ****


              I Have validated the JTAG pins and I have to believe that the STM32F205 in the Photon programs exactly like the STM32F205RG76 on the EVB.  I have not studied the details or possible STM32F205 options that may be set up differently, but I can't believe that USI has significantly changed the design because it is a basic WICED solution.


              Anyway, if anyone has any ideas it might save me a few hours.  I don't want to build the final PCB until I get the prototypes fully functional with software.