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    CY68013 Short package submission problem


      CY68013 uses the BulkInEndPt function to read the buffer. It seems that it can only read 512 bytes or more. For example, what should I do if I want to read 128 bytes? Is it a short package submission?

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          Can you please let me know of you are referring to the cypress control center application?

          Short packet is when the FX2LP is configured in Slave FIFO  and the master has less than a buffer length of data to send to the salve, in that case, the master asserts the PKTEND signal indicating the slave FX2LP that this is the end of data and to commit the same to the USB side.

          In the USB side you can request the data from the FX2LP endpoint by using Xferdata function, in which you can specify the length of the transfer as well.


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